Giving Back


Each of us is here for a brief sojourn; for what purpose
he knows not, though he sometimes thinks he senses it.
But without deeper reflection one knows from daily life
that one exists for other people.

Albert Einstein


At Yogasmriti the principles of Seva and Karma Yoga are followed and fees raised through the classes are utilized to help individuals and communities in need. There is a special focus on supporting NPOs and NGOs striving to help under-privileged children across the globe. Listed below are the entities that have benefitted from our support.

  • Individuals

    • bravo Marvin Joseph

      Veronica Mangio Dela Cruz and Marvin Josef got married on 20th Jan’11 in Manila. Within two days of their marriage Marvin suddenly discovered that he was suffering from a debilitating kidney disease [Chronic Renal Parenchymal Disease] that affected both his kidneys. He required immediate twice weekly dialysis and replacement of both kidneys. As such Veronica had to travel back to Dubai alone while Marvin remained in Manila to receive medical attention. The total cost of the operation was estimated at around Aed 100,000 and the young couple did not have access to funds of that magnitude. Lesser mortals would have been shattered at such terrible news coming at the cusp of a new life. But Veronica and Marvin drew strength from their faith and remained optimistic that things would work out. Their belief was rewarded when one good Samaritan donated AED 5000; till date the highest individual contribution at the yoga classes. Monies raised through their church and our yoga classes helped fund the larger share of the medical expenses.

      Message From Veronica, Marvin’s wife:

      Dear Mayank,

      My husband Marvin was diagnosed with kidney failure during Jan 2011. He is undergoing going 3 dialysis per week. We had several tests and scans and finally we received a donor with perfect match. Now, as the per the current update, the Philippine Health Insurance Government is providing a FREE kidney transplantation amounting to AED 60,000 for those who have a perfect match.   

      The money which was donated to me & for my husband through yoga classes will be used for his hospitalization/treatment after the operation.

      I’m so touched & blessed by your and the yoga class students help and support. My word of thanksgiving is not enough for what God has done and will still be doing to us.

      Thank you and may the Lord bless all of you more!

      Best Regards,
      Veronica Dela Cruz – Josef

    • bravo Carl Noronha

      Carl was an athletic young boy who lost all movement in his body from chest down due to an unfortunate accident that resulted in him falling from a height of over thirty feet. He was confined to a wheelchair post the accident and the family went through intense emotional and financial strain. Monies raised through the yoga classes helped fund some medical needs and the one-to-one yoga class fees that were essential in helping Carl make progress.

      Message from Jennifer, Carl’s mother:

      Thanks a ton to you both Mahazarin and Mayank for your tremendous support which has really helped Carl reach where he is today.We as a family are extremely grateful and indebted to you both and all our wellwishers.  

    • bravo Neelakshi Sewwandi

      Neelakshi was a young mother of a 10 month old son when she suffered chemical burns after a can of drainage cleaning acid kept on the fridge in her home tipped over and fell on her on 21st April 2012. The acid left her disfigured, scarring her head, face, chest and left hand. She needed mutiple surgeries and skin grafting sessions to treat her serious injuries. Funds raised from the classes helped cover the cost of one surgery. To view more details click here


    • bravo Lynn Credo

      At the beginning of August 2012 Lynn Credo was taken into hospital with the severest forms of allergic reaction to an antibiotic.  Doctors and nurses were left shocked by the full extent of this rare reaction.  80 % of Lynns body was covered in burns, she had lost most of her sight and her whole body had swelled.  She had to receivie all her medicines through a permanent tube stitched into her neck. Despite being extremely brave and fighting every day to stay alive, Lynn sadly lost the battle on 24th Nov’12. Fees from the classes had helped fund some of her treatment. View more details here


    • bravo Kiril Kondakchiev

      Kiril was a national level skier in Bulgaria who lost the ability to even walk due to a spinal tumour. He needed a few surgeries to remedy the situation but the expenses were beyond his means. Funds raised helped support a part of the surgery cost.

      View more information here

      Message from Larisa, Kiril’s will wisher and fund coordinator:

      Dear Mayank,

      I just came back from leave. I went home to Bulgaria where I had the chance to meet with Kiril and hand him the moneys that was collected in your yoga classes.

      I have to tell you that he was moved to tears! He is so very grateful! He told me that all the money he had needed for his treatment so far was collected by friends of his and people he doesn't even know.

      I attach a photo of him and I of when I gave him the money. His spirits are high and he strongly believes that if there are so many people who care about him and pray for him, he will be able to walk again soon.

      May God bless you and all the kind people who come to your classes and donate!

      Warm regards, Larisa

    • bravo Rudra Kambli

      Rudra Kambli, a 4 year old was diagnosed with blood cancer in August 2012 and his family was not in a position to afford the cost of treatment. Rudra needed several chemo sessions and the funds raised helped cover part of the medical expenses

      Message from Nilesh, Rudra’s father:

      My heartfelt thanks to everybody. My belief  in god has only increased. He sends his blessing through angles like you.

      God bless you and your families with good health and prosperity.


    • bravo Nasim Noor Habib

      Nasim Noor Habib was an active working young mother until she was diagnosed with stomach cancer in 2012. Her husband lost his job around the same time and soon the family soon exhausted funds to support her treatment. Her husband had to return to Pakistan with their son and Nasim continued staying in Dubai with her brother to keep her treatment going. Funds raised helped cover some of the medical costs.

      Message from Najma Noor, Nasim’s sister:

      My sister is currently undergoing her treatment from Al Tawam hospital in Al Ain  and since she is in the fourth stage of stomach cancer her condition is very bad. She is suffering physically and mentally knowing she does not have enough money to support her treatment. Many thanks to you Mayank and your yoga team for all the support and help towards my sister Nasim Noor and in helping reduce her pain. May Allah bless you and your family and all those who helped Nasim in her need!

      Najma Noor

    • bravo Sebastian Lobo

      Sebastian Vincent Lobo, aged 41, with no complications or symptoms suddenly fell ill in the month of November 2012.  His family was taken aback when doctor diagnosed him with End stage renal failure. The doctors gave them only two options - lifetime intensive dialysis or kidney transplantation.

      The rules in India required him to get a donor within the family. His sister was the potential donor at one point and unfortunately during on-going tests she was diagnosed with cancer as well. That left Sebastian depending on expensive thrice weekly dialysis. The cost of the dialysis and on-going medication has left the family in debt. Contributions from the yoga class helped alleviate some of the financial burden.

      Message from Vanita, Sebastian’s wife:

      I would like to wholeheartedly thank you and your yoga students for your generous help and contribution towards dialysis cost for my Husband Sebastian Lobo. Without your support and contribution it would have been a challenge for me and my kids to overcome the financial setback during this stage.

      I pray to God to shower his unending blessings for your generous contribution and wishing good health and happiness always.

      Currently, Sebastian is working at dnata, Clock tower and going for regular dialysis.  We are going through a bad phase now - his sister who was diagnosed with cancer (was earlier supposed to be kidney donor) passed away.

      Just praying that I get some way out to get his transplantation done soon.

      Thank you very much

      Vanita Lobo & Family

    • bravo Fathima Daanya

      Fathima Daanya, a bright and sensitive 7 year old, sufferered from crippling Arthrogryposis, an unusual neuro-musculo-skeletal disorder. Daanya could not move her hands, making basic tasks like washing herself or holding items difficult. Doctors tried to extend her fingers using plaster, but recommended surgery as the only option after this did not work.

      Repeat surgeries were required and cost over Aed 200,000 which the family struggled to fund. Daanya’s two brothers had to stay out of school to help reduce the financial burden. Contributions from the yoga classes helped cover a portion of the costs of the final surgery.

      Message from Rauzana, Daanya’s mother :

      Thank you for being so kind for my daughter Daanya. Inshallah I'll be travelling to Mumbai tomorrow and her operation will be held on 6th of June. Thank you very much to everyone who has helped in my daughter's contribution, God Bless you all.

  • Child Welfare

    • bravo AIM for SEVA

      AIM for Seva is an independent public charitable trust committed to reaching out and caring for the unfortunate. It started as a program for integrated community development, and soon gathered momentum to become a nationwide movement, touching the lives of over 10 Million rural and tribal people across 15 states of India. The Organization has a Special Consultative Status with the economic and Social Council of the United Nations.

      AIM for Seva creates a world of caring and compassion for all those in need, particularly in the field of education and health care. AIM for SEVA reaches out to children from underprivileged sections of society who do not have access to proper education, exposure and interaction with the outside world, and therefore are denied opportunities for a better future. To get more information please click here

    • bravo The Emirates Airline Foundation

      The Emirates Airline Foundation is a non-profit charity organisation which aims to improve the quality of life for children, regardless of geographical, political, or religious boundaries, and to help them maintain or improve their human dignity.

      The foundation’s aim is to help disadvantaged children realise their full potential by providing them with the basics, which most of us take for granted such as food medicine, housing and education.

      Focusing particularly on children trapped in extreme poverty, the foundation, made up of volunteer employees and friends of the Emirates Group, strives to reduce illness and childhood mortality rates. To get more information click here

    • bravo Harmony House

      Harmony House is an Indian registered, non-profit organisation in Gurgaon, just outside of Delhi, India. Using a rented villa as a full time community centre for women and children, they offer education, food, medication, hygiene facilities and social services to women and children living in the nearby slums. They are dedicated to improving the lives of the children on a physical, emotional and intellectual level and aim to give enriching and memorable experiences to each and every child. To get more information click here

      Message from Lucy Bruce, Founder of Harmony House:

      Dear Mayank,

      I am so very grateful to you for all of your overwhelming efforts to support Harmony House. 

      Thank you Mayank, I am just so moved by all that you do for others. The contributions will certainly be an enormous help to us and assist in providing our children with a better today and the hope of a brighter future.

      Warmest regards and heartfelt thanks,


    • bravo Room to Read

      Room to Read envision’s a world in which all children can pursue a quality education, reach their full potential and contribute to their community and the world.
      To achieve this goal, Room to Read focuses on two areas where they believe they can have the greatest impact: literacy and gender equality in education.  They work in collaboration with communities and local governments across Asia and Africa to develop literacy skills and a habit of reading among primary school children, and support girls to complete secondary school with the life skills they’ll need to succeed in school and beyond. To get more information click here

  • Events

    • bravo Yogafest

      Yogafest UAE is an annual free community event that helps raise funds for charity. Mayank has taught Sivananda Sequence and Yoga Mythology classes at Yogafest UAE 2012 and 2013. To get more information click here

  • Conservation

    • bravo Mara Naboisho Lion Project

      The word Naboisho means "coming together".
      One of the major issues outside the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya is the increasing pressure from the Masai on wildlife and natural resources. One way of enhancing wildlife conservation outside protected areas is the creation of conservancies where important areas with known lion populations are transformed into kind of semi-protected areas where the numbers of Masai settlements and livestock herds are managed in a way to maintain a sustainable balance.

      The project’s aim is to try to restore the original Masai culture whereby there exists a natural balance between Masais, their livestock and nature, so the latter is not out competed by the former. It is about achieving the goal where the Masai people and the wildlife again can live in harmony as they have done before.

      Contributions from the yoga class helped in collaring one of the lions, which is an integral part of the project, allowing tracking of the lions and reducing conflict between man and animal.


      Message from Shams Hawksford, UAE fund coordinator for the project:

      May we express our sincere thanks for your amazing contribution to our Lion Charity – we very much appreciate your support considering you have put so much into the other very heart-warming donations for Sebastian and Daanya.

      Your devout focus on sharing and giving back is an inspiration, considering what man is currently doing in today’s world you remind everyone that there are still some decent people on this planet!

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