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What to expect :

Mayank's classes are inspired from a multitude of schools and styles, however at the core is a Sivananda ‘attitude’ and classical Hatha Yoga approach. A typical class starts with centering and basic pranayama, moves onto the main body of the class – 'asana work' – divided into energetic and restorative segments followed by guided meditation in savasana (yoga-nidra). Each class ends with a closing chant and a discussion on the myth associated with a selected pose.


Schedule :





9 am – 10 am

dnata, Sheikh Zayed Road


6:45 pm – 8 pm

Garden Studio, Safa 1, Jumeirah


Classes are open for Emirates Group staff, their family members and friends. The Friday class proceeds are donated to humanitarian causes. Participants are welcome to contribute more than the class fees if the cause is dear to them. Read more on Giving Back. To register for the classes or find our more information click on contact


Location Maps :

dnata, Sheikh Zayed Road 

Garden Studio, Safa 1, Jumeirah

Safa Park Garden Studio


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What do I need to bring?

Friday Class: Please bring your own yoga mats, a yoga belt [cloth belt or strap] and a long hand-towel

Monday Class: Yoga mats and yoga belts are provided. Please bring a long hand-towel

Mayank believes yoga is all encompassing and has something for everyone. As long as you can breathe you are welcome to his yoga class – irrespective of your age, shape or religious beliefs.

Yoga has the power to transform your life if you allow it to! Come and explore the magic of yoga with Mayank

  • bravo

    by Dr. Kavita Dhingra

    Mayank is an amazing teacher not just in how he guides us through yoga poses but also in the knowledge he shares at the conclusion of each class....

  • bravo

    by Chitra Suryakumar

    Excellent teacher! Very focused!Encourages us to follow the rhythm and explains the benefits very well. I have had personal experience of an exce...

  • bravo

    by Tilong Vang

    Mayank is a great Yogi! I had always thought that Yoga was a walk in the park but after my very first session with Mayank, it took me 1 whole wee...

  • bravo

    by Hana A. Ali

    I have tried few yoga sessions here in Dubai and I did not feel the flow of good energy, most of them were commercial and instructors were those ...

  • bravo

    by Dorothee Vorrink

    Mayank is a very focused and ambitious yoga teacher, always very professional and motivating in his approach towards his students and during his ...

  • bravo

    by Dr. Leena Jones

    Great teacher, hugely patient and supportive to his students like me who try but not always achieve! Very informative, calm manner and voice, and...

  • bravo

    by Vineed Sreekumar

    Mayank is my first professional guru in Yoga. He is a simple human being who encourages us to enjoy the world of Yoga through sharing his knowled...

  • bravo

    by Jennifer Mulligan

    I was never a believer in yoga, however sitting at a desk every day I found I was getting pains in my back and legs. A work colleague recommended...

  • bravo

    by Sarah Thodey

    Mayank's classes are truly inclusive making it possible for anyone of any ability or experience to feel welcome and to benefit and gain inspi...

  • bravo

    by Senthil Velan

    Mayank is a brilliant teacher. He takes keen interest in ensuring his students get the benefits of yoga. He is an inspiration.


  • bravo

    by Nessrine Salah

    Mayank has instilled a discipline that centres us especially in our busy lives. He's much more than a yoga instructor, he's knowledgeable...

  • bravo

    by Hemalatha Ravi

    Mayank guides and goads us through the class and outside to being a yogi. His dedication is such that the students are inspired to follow suit. H...

  • bravo

    by Fiona Taimana

    Mayank has inspired me as a beginner to continue the yoga journey. Quietly spoken and yet clear on what is to be done in each move, he brings a u...

  • bravo

    by Samir Shah

    Mayank is a very passionate yogi, an excellent teacher and a wonderful human being. His commitment & dedication to yoga practise coupled with...

  • bravo

    by Hameed Mullungal

    Simplicity, responsibility and personal attention, I do not have words to explain about Mayank’s motivational style in class. You must expe...

  • bravo

    by Lamia Fadili

    A wonderful Yoga teacher and a superb person rolled into one! By far, Mayank is the most passionate Yoga instructor I have had, he passes on his ...

  • bravo

    by Lea-Ann

    Yoga has changed my life…in fact, YOU have changed my life! Thank you ever so much for starting these classes. I can't begin to tell yo...

  • bravo

    by Abid Siddiqi

    Taking up Yoga was always on my mind but never materialized, till I met Mayank at a common friend’s place. It was the peace and calmness ab...

  • bravo

    by Simran Chopra

    Mayank is a very patient and encouraging yoga teacher. His teaching is well organised and knowledgeable which leaves one rejuvenated, yet peaceful ...

  • bravo

    by Sabahat Pervez

    I have tried several forms of exercise but have found yoga to be far superior in that it truly harmonises the mind and body, and creates a wonder...

  • bravo

    by Mehboob

    I recently heard about the Yoga sessions that Mayank conducts on Friday mornings. I attended with my wife and we both loved it. After the first s...

  • bravo

    by Laura Boukouvalas

    I am not sure what more to add to what has already been said which I agree with whole-heartedly. Mayank is a very experienced and skilled yogi an...

  • bravo

    by Ashwin Kumar

    Mayank is someone who is completely dedicated to Yoga. As a teacher, he has immense knowledge about yoga. He is also patient and takes time to co...

  • bravo

    by Saira Ranj

    An extremely versatile human being, Mayank Dhingra is quite an inspiration. I am a fairly recent joinee and after an initial sampling of the yoga...

  • bravo

    by Harish Bhambhaney

    A most amazing and selfless yoga guru who wonderfully explains the rationale behind each asana as he teaches! Despite of teaching to a group, he ...

  • bravo

    by Manoj Menon

    I have been attending Mayank's sessions since May'11 and the experience has had a positive impact on me. The simplicity with which Mayank...

  • bravo

    by Anahita Mullen

    Having done yoga off and on for most of my life, I can confidently say that Mayank is a very accomplished yoga teacher. I gain a lot from his ses...

  • bravo

    by Sujata Shah

    Mayank is a great teacher, very calm, patient and ever encouraging to all students. There is continuity between various asanas that he teaches us...

  • bravo

    by Jochen Hoesch

    Mayank offers an extremely balanced class between active asanas and calming pranayamas. It is both challenging and very rewarding and I am always...

  • bravo

    by Karen Costigan

    Mayank is an amazing yogi, he always thinks about the benefits to the students and his classes vary according to the purpose and benefit of the c...

  • bravo

    by Manju Maratha

    Mayank's selfless devotion to teaching yoga & spreading his wonderful knowledge are commendable. His simplicity & positivity flows th...

  • bravo

    by Muthuswamy Ravi

    An exceptional yoga teacher and I suspect an equally remarkable human being.After very session I am looking forward to the next. His gentle persu...

  • bravo

    by Judy Pitchford

    Mayank is an amazing yogi! He's not only very accomplished, skilled, and knowledgeable, but also very patient and encouraging.  He is a ...

  • bravo

    by Ritika Ahmed

    There is pureness and simplicity in the way Mayank conducts his classes. Un...

  • bravo

    by Michael Mullen

    I have had a few teachers of yoga over the years and no-one has yet proven ...